Thursday 16 April 2020

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile at home-latest tips & tricks

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile at home-latest tips & tricks

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile-latest tips & tricks

On the off chance that you need to change the IMEI number of any of your Android cell phones, today right now will reveal to you how to change the IMEI number of any Android phone? 

Here, I will reveal to both of you simple approaches to change the IMEI number of any of your Andriod cell phones. You can change the With and Without Root IMEI Number of your phone. 

Disclaimer:-This post is just for Educational Purpose, don't abuse it. 

You can easily Change IMEI Number of any Android Phone? (With Root) 

Necessities: -

1.Internet associations 

2.Rooted Android Phone. 

3.Xposed Installer 

4.Download IMEI Changer App 

Step1: First of all download and introduce the Xposed Installer application in your Rooted Android phone. And afterward download and introduce the MEI Changer App. Now, go to  Xposed Installer Apk home screen. 

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile-latest tips & tricks

Step2: After opening snap on Modules and tick IMEI Chnager. 

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile-latest tips & tricks

Step3: After ticking the IMEI Chnager, restart your phone. In the wake of restarting, open IMEI Changer. 

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile-latest tips & tricks

Step4: Now whatever IMEI no. New IMEI No. by entering it you need to set Click Apply underneath. 

In the wake of clicking Apply, restart your mobile. Subsequent to restarting, you can check your Imei No. to enter * # 06 # to check

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile-latest tips & tricks

Presently your IMEI Number Successfuly Change has been finished. Presently in the event that your versatile isn't established, at that point you can attempt second technique. 

 Friend follow these few easy step to Change IMEI Number of any Android Phone? (Without root) 

Stage 1: First of all download the Mobile Uncle Tool App in your NON ROOTED Android cell phone.

Step2: Now introduce Mobile Uncle Tool App and open it and select Engineer Mod (MTK). 

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile-latest tips & tricks

Now, look below and hit on CDS Information. 

1-In the wake of tapping on CDS Information, click on Radio Information. 

2-Presently you have 2 choice to discover Phone1 or Phone1 

3-Snap on phone2. 

4-Presently you will see the alternative of AT +

5-Presently AT +, AT + (Space) is your new IMEI No. Supplant with 

6-Presently click on Send At Command in the last and spare the setting. 

How change IMEI number without rooted mobile-latest tips & tricks

Salutation is currently your IMEI No. Effectively changed.

Presently restart your telephone once. Subsequent to restarting, you can check your Imei No. by enter *  #  06  #  to check. 

So companions, from along these lines you can change the imei number of any of your android cell phones, that too without establishing the telephone. Ideally now you will realize that how to change the IMEI number of Android phone?


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