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[100% FIXED] How to hf error 68 kenwood fix permanently?


HF ERROR 68 on your Kenwood

What does HF ERROR 68 mean?

As per the Kenwood primer, the HF ERROR 68 means that “ The unit can not communicate with the cell phone ”. So it's a Bluetooth

connectioncomity problem.

check KENWOOD Bluetooth Compatibility List 

How to fix HF ERROR 68?

You can try a couple of effects to fix HF ERROR 68 on your Kenwood unit. So let’sstart.Error 68 means it's trying to connect to a bluetooth enabled cell phone. You Need to turn off the blue tooth pairing options in your radio optionsJust go through the menu and you'll find it.

✅1. Firmware update

The first thing we recommend doing is to try the firmware update of the Kenwood head unit software. Because there could be a new software update released for your unit while it was sitting on the shelves.

✅2. Reset

still, you can try the Kenwood primer’s recommendation to RESET the unit, If that does n’t fix the problem. Resetting can be done in several ways,
How do I reset my Kenwood HF Error 68?

Kenwood Factory Reset

👉Step 1 Hold Eject CD And Volume button. On the left wing of the CD niche, you'll find the Eject CD button.
👉Step 2 Press The Reset Button.

👉Step 3 Tap the “ Initialize All ” button.
👉Step 4 Againpress the reset button.


If that does n’t work there's a Bluetooth comity issueSo you ’ll need to check KENWOOD Bluetooth Compatibility List to see the comity information between your cell phone and your Kenwood unit. Then you ’ll find out the limited functionality of your bias.
check KENWOOD Bluetooth Compatibility List 

✅4. Faulty unit

Eventually, if none of the below remedies resolves your problem, our recommendation is to check with yourwarranty.However, consider consulting a professional, If the bond has expired.


stillfirst check the fuse located on the reverse of the radio, If the radio won't turnon.However, replace with a fuse of the same amperage standing, If the fuse is burnt. The companion to replacing the fuse can be set up then.