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{UPDATED NEWS} fish prasadam 2024 date and time hyderabad?

The fish prasadam in Hyderabad refers to a traditional event held annually at the Nampally Exhibition Grounds in Hyderabad** on **June 8 Saturday, 2024**, where a special paste made from live fish is believed to have healing properties and is administered to people suffering from asthma. Devotees believe it has miraculous healing powers. However, it's important to note that the scientific efficacy of this practice is highly debated.

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fish prasadam 2024 date and time hyderabad?[updated]

Fish prasadam 2024 in Hyderabad is a unique and intriguing tradition that draws thousands of people seeking relief from asthma. Let me explain what it entails:

1.What is it?

   -Fish prasadam is an annual event held in Hyderabad, India, during the first week of June.

   - It involves administering a special concoction to people suffering from asthma and respiratory disorders.

2.The Process:

   - A live murrel (snakehead) fingerling fish is used as the carrier for the remedy.

   - The fish is stuffed with a yellow herbal paste.

   - The patient then swallows the live fish whole, without water.

3.When to Consume:

   - Asthma patients or those with respiratory conditions must take this remedy on the day of **Mrigasira Karthi**, which marks the onset of the monsoon.

   - Visitors are also advised to continue taking the fish prasadam for four to six consecutive years.

4.Different Versions:

   - Non-vegetarians: They receive the fish prasadam with the live fish.

   - Vegetarians: Their prasadam consists of the yellow herbal paste mixed with jaggery. Vegetarians may take longer to experience the cure.

5.How It Works:

   - The Bathini Goud family , who administers this remedy, claims that the live fish wiggles inside the throat.

   - This movement supposedly pushes out phlegm, making it easier for the individual to breathe and manage their respiratory condition.

6.Dos and Don'ts:

   - After taking the medicine, the person should avoid water for half an hour.

   - Beneficiaries receive three additional doses of the 'medicine' to be taken once a fortnight.

   - They must follow a strict diet for 45 days.


   - The story behind fish prasadam is akin to a tale from ancient scriptures:

     - On a stormy night in 1845, a **soaking-wet holy mendicant from the Himalayas** knocked on the door of the **Bathini family**.

     - The mendicant shared this unique remedy, which has been passed down through five generations of the Bathini Goud family.

What is the fish prasadam 2024 date and time hyderabad?

The **Fish Prasadam**, a renowned remedy for asthma, will be administered at the **Nampally Exhibition Grounds in Hyderabad** on **June 8, 2024**. This annual event, organized by the **Bathini Goud family**, offers individuals suffering from respiratory disorders a unique treatment involving a live fingerling fish stuffed with a yellow herbal paste. Here are the details:

- Date: June 8, 2024

- Time: Starting from 8:00 AM on June 8 until the next morning.

How It Works:

- The live fish, carrying the herbal paste, is inserted into the patient's throat.

- Vegetarians receive a separate concoction prepared with jaggery and need to take the medicine for a longer period.

Despite some skepticism, thousands of asthma patients converge at the Exhibition Grounds each year, hoping to find relief through this traditional practice. State government bodies and departments are actively involved in ensuring the successful administration of the **Fish Prasadam**.


1.What is Fish Prasadam in Hyderabad?

   - Fish Prasadam is a traditional event held annually at the Hyderabad Exhibition Grounds, where a herbal paste is applied to live fish, believed to cure asthma.

2.When is Fish Prasadam usually conducted in Hyderabad?

   - Fish Prasadam typically takes place in the first week of June every year.

3.Who organizes the Fish Prasadam event in Hyderabad?

   - The event is organized by the Bathini Goud family, who claim to have inherited the formula for the herbal paste from a saint several generations ago.

4.What is the significance of Fish Prasadam?

   - Followers believe that the herbal paste, when consumed with the live fish, can cure asthma and respiratory problems.

5.How long has Fish Prasadam been practiced in Hyderabad?

   - Fish Prasadam has been practiced for over 170 years in Hyderabad.

6.How does Fish Prasadam work?

   - The exact mechanism is not scientifically proven, but proponents claim that the herbal paste, when ingested along with the live fish, helps in alleviating asthma symptoms.

7.What are the ingredients of the herbal paste used in Fish Prasadam?

   - The ingredients of the herbal paste include herbs, seeds, and oils, the exact composition of which is a closely guarded secret of the Bathini Goud family.

8.Is there any scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of Fish Prasadam?

   - There is limited scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of Fish Prasadam, and it remains a subject of debate among medical professionals.

9.How many people usually attend the Fish Prasadam event?

   - Thousands of people, including asthma patients and curious onlookers, attend the event each year.

10.Is there any cost associated with obtaining Fish Prasadam?

    - Fish Prasadam is offered free of cost to all attendees.

11.Is Fish Prasadam safe for consumption?

    - While the event organizers claim it to be safe, individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before participating, especially if they have underlying health conditions.

12.Are there any side effects of consuming Fish Prasadam?

    - Some individuals may experience allergic reactions or adverse effects from ingesting the herbal paste or live fish. 

13.Is there any specific procedure to follow while consuming Fish Prasadam?

    - Attendees are usually advised to fast for a few hours before consuming Fish Prasadam and to follow the instructions provided by the organizers.

14.Can Fish Prasadam be consumed by children?

    - Parents should consult with pediatricians before giving Fish Prasadam to children.

15.Is Fish Prasadam available throughout the year?

    - No, Fish Prasadam is typically available only during the annual event in June.

16.Can people from outside Hyderabad participate in Fish Prasadam?

    - Yes, people from all over India and even abroad attend the event.

17.Is there any specific attire required to participate in Fish Prasadam?

    - There are no specific attire requirements, but comfortable clothing is recommended due to the large crowds.

18.Is there accommodation available near the Fish Prasadam venue?

    - Yes, there are hotels and guesthouses available in the vicinity for attendees.

19.Are there any other activities or attractions at the Fish Prasadam event?

    - Apart from the main event, there are usually stalls selling food, drinks, and religious items.

20.Is photography allowed at the Fish Prasadam event?

    - Photography is generally permitted, but attendees should respect the privacy of others and follow any guidelines set by the organizers.

CONCLUSION: Be ready at

Nampally Exhibition Grounds in Hyderabad** on **June 8 to 9, 2024**. 


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