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[FIXED] how main eco elite boiler e133 error fixed permanently?


how main eco elite boiler e133 error

What do you know about main eco elite boiler e133 error?

The E133 Baxi boiler fault code, and every one Baxi boiler fault codes, area unit shown on the screen on the front of the boiler once there's a tangle and your boiler locks out.They are conjointly used on Main and Potterton boilers (Baxi owned). Potterton E133 and Main E133 area unit identical because the Baxi E133 fault code.

Baxi uses them to indicate you what may be wrong with the boiler. Having fault codes on the screen may be a good way to assist diagnose your boiler issues.

    What will E133 Mean on a Baxi Boiler?

    The Baxi E133 error on a Baxi boiler suggests that ignition opposition or flame failure.

    ✅Gas supply problem (Fault)

    The most seemingly reason for associate degree E133 fault code on a Baxi boiler is that the boiler has been bolted out thanks to not obtaining any gas.

    This can be checked quite simply while not having to open up the boiler. this can be just like the Vaillant F54 fault code and Vaillant F28.

    ✅Frozen atmospheric phenomenon Pipe

    Another cause may well be a frozen or blocked atmospheric phenomenon pipe outside.

    If it’s state change weather then there's an honest probability the atmospheric phenomenon pipe outside has frozen or may well be blocked somewhere.

    ✅Faulty Boiler components

    An E133 Baxi fault code may conjointly mean that a region within the boiler is broken and desires to get replaced, however most of the time in my expertise it's a gas offer issue.

    main eco elite boiler e133 error

    Quick tips and tricks to fix main eco elite boiler e133 error ?

    can take yourself before booking a repair:

    ✅check if gas supply is turned on – if you have got a gas hob see if there's gas coming back to the gas hob. you'll conjointly check if your gasometer ECV (Emergency management Valve) is turned on parallel to the wind

    if outside temperatures area unit below zero – check if atmospheric phenomenon wind is frozen. If it's pour quandary over the wind.

    ✅check if your atmospheric phenomenon wind isn't blocked

    ✅If on top of steps failed to assist you can have to be compelled to book an expert repair

    ✅First cluster is once boiler doesn't ignite in the slightest degree. (Flame crystal rectifier doesn't illuminate and there's no flame visible within the sight glass) doable causes during this case are:

    ✅faulty gas valve

    ✅faulty wiring between gas valve and PCB

    ✅faulty PCB

    ✅faulty ignition module

    ✅faulty ignition electrodes

    ✅gas valve out of standardization – wrong mixture of air/gas

    how main eco elite boiler e133 error

    Second cluster of E133 error codes happens once boiler will ignite (flame crystal rectifier illuminates for a brief amount and flame is visible within the sight glass) – however goes out shortly once. during this case list of doable faults is shorter as we all know that the gas valve opens which ignition module is functioning fine. List of doable faults is as follows:

    ✅gas valve out of standardization – wrong mixture

    ✅sensing conductor faulty out of alignment

    ✅sensing conductor wiring


    ✅Below you'll see a video of a E133 Baxi couple investigator boiler below fault condition. during this case the boiler wouldn't kindle in the slightest degree.

    [100% FIXED] main eco elite boiler e133 error how to fixed instantly?

    To fix the E133 fault code on your Baxi boiler, the primary factor i'd check is that the gas is turned on at the gas meters emergency management valve (ECV).

    ✅Gas supply fault: If you have got different gas appliances, sort of a gas hob or gas fireplace, then check to examine if these area unit operating to seek out out if you have got a gas offer drawback.

    Prepay gasometer: If you have got a defrayment gas meter, then check that you're in credit, as this can be quite common state of affairs I come upon.

    Frozen atmospheric phenomenon pipe: If it’s state change outside, then having a frozen atmospheric phenomenon pipe is feasible. you'll pour quandary on that to soften the frozen atmospheric phenomenon and reset the boiler. managing frozen atmospheric phenomenon pipes on Baxi boilers.

    If they don’t work, then you may ought to contact your gas provider.

    Other Causes of associate degree E133 Baxi Fault

    A gas offer drawback is that the commonest reason for a Baxi boiler E133 fault code, however here area unit another potential causes –

    Faulty gas valve: would possibly want a replacement one.

    Worn-out spark electrodes: would possibly have to be compelled to get replaced.

    Faulty PCB (printed circuit board): The PCB is that the brain of the boiler and would possibly have to be compelled to get replaced.

    how main eco elite boiler e133 error

    How to Reset a Baxi Boiler?

    🔸The first factor i'd do on a Baxi boiler that's not operating, despite what fault code is showing, is to see the pressure and reset the boiler.

    🔸Knowing a way to reset a Baxi boiler is that the easiest method to urge your boiler operating once more, because it may need simply bolted out.

    Latest Baxi Boiler

    🔸To reset a contemporary Baxi boiler (Baxi 600 or 800 for example), you want to realise the button. this can be a button that has ‘Reset’ on that. you have got to press the button to reset the boiler.

    🔸Sometimes you have got to carry it down for a number of seconds, however on some Baxi boilers, it simply has to be ironed.

    Older Baxi Boiler

    🔸If it’s associate degree older Baxi boiler (Baxi Duo tec, 105 etc..) with a knob to show the boiler on and off, then you may have to be compelled to flip it totally anti clockwise and hold it there (at R) till it resets.

    Baxi E133 Won’t Reset

    🔸If your Baxi E133 won’t reset this implies you have got a tangle that has to be fastened before making an attempt to reset it once more.

    🔸When the ignition has gone to opposition it won’t reset till the reason for the E133 error is fastened.

    🔸If you have got fastened a gas offer issue and it still won’t reset, this might mean there's air within the gas pipe.

    🔸You should attempt resetting it a number of times to urge the gas into the boiler and to urge eliminate the E133 error code.


    Fixing associate degree E133 Baxi fault code drawback is typically done by fixing a gas offer issue. If you have got a defrayment gasometer, check that you set some cash on and reset the boiler.On a chilly winters night associate degree E133 Baxi error is probably going to be caused off a frozen atmospheric phenomenon pipe. this can be simply fastened by gushing heat water over the atmospheric phenomenon pipe outside and resetting the boiler.If you're positive you have got gas and therefore the atmospheric phenomenon pipe isn’t frozen or blocked, then you must ring a neighborhood gas engineer as it’s in all probability a gas valve drawback.

    Feel free to solicit from me any queries within the comment section below and I’ll attempt my best to assist.

    E133 Baxi Fault Code FAQ:

    ✍️How does one clear the fault code on a Baxi boiler?

    To clear the fault code on a Baxi boiler, like Baxi E119 and E133, you want to reset the boiler. If the fault code seems once resetting the boiler, you may have to be compelled to realise and repair the matter inflicting your Baxi boiler to shut out and show a fault code.

    ✍️Why is my Baxi boiler not turning on?

    If your Baxi boiler isn't turning on in the slightest degree, and zilch is on the show, then you most likely have an electrical offer issue.

    You need to see the consolidated spur switch that ought to be next to the boiler. check that it's switched on and therefore the three amp fuse is sweet. It may even be that the fuse at the most board (consumer unit) has tripped, therefore you'll check there conjointly.