Friday 23 September 2022

[FIXED] how to fix amazon shipping address error (100% fixed)?

[FIXED] how to fix amazon shipping address error (100% working method)?


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If you've got seen this message whereas getting associate item on Amazon, rest assured you're not the sole one. The question is—why not once there was nothing wrong together with your address within the past?,Like any different e-commerce platform, Amazon must update its rules and rules for various legal and market related reasons. Here ar some that would apply to your case:contacting customer support.

Amazon Item can't be Shipped to Your hand-picked Address—What to try and do

If you see “Sorry, this item can’t be shipped to your hand-picked address” at Amazon checkout, you are doing not ought to quit. What you'll be able to do is:

🔵Enter a replacement address

🔵Choose a neighborhood post workplace or associate Amazon Hub for delivery

Use Another Delivery Address

To enter a replacement delivery address, you should:

✅Go to My account

✅Choose Settings

✅Select Add new address in the Address book section

✅Enter another address—you might attempt your business or friend’s address

✅When you complete these steps, you must return to your purchase and opt for the new address at checkout.

Opt for a unique Pickup Location

Another option is to pick:

✅An Amazon Hub

✅A nearby post workplace

✅If this sounds sensible, here is a way to create it happen:

✅Go to your Amazon account

✅Select Manage Address Book

✅Choose Search for a replacement Amazon Pickup Location

✅Use one among the offered search choices, e.g., enter your address or postcode

✅Hit the Search button

✅Select a convenient place

✅Click on the Select button

✅You should be able to enter the chosen location underneath the Add To My Addresses section of your account.

Why cannot Amazon Ship to your picup Address (saved by you)?

Our address gizmo (at the highest of every Amazon page and on the Amazon app) can allow you to grasp if a product is eligible to ship to your chosen address via the merchandise page. Please make sure you have your meant address hand-picked whenever you look with US.

✅There are many reasons why you would possibly not be able to ship to associate address.

✅You may not be able to ship to associate address for the subsequent reasons:

✅The item exceeds dimensional shipping limits. The package should have a most length or breadth of 108 inches and most weight of seventy lbs.

✅The item is ineligible for shipping as a result of it's giant or oddly formed.

✅The item could be a restricted product. product oversubscribed on must befits all laws and rules and with Amazon's policies.

✅Certain material things (including, however not restricted to, Li batteries) ar restricted from shipping to your space.

✅Some carriers cannot deliver to bound address varieties.

✅We're restricted from shipping to your location because of government import/export necessities, manufacturer restrictions, or warrant problems.

✅You're shipping to a US freight forwarder however your order contains things that ar restricted from exportation.

✅You've chosen supply|a suggestion|a proposal} from a trafficker WHO does not offer international shipping.

✅You've chosen a proposal from a trafficker WHO does not ship to your address because of the character of the merchandise (e.g., perishable, hazmat, etc.

[FIXED] how to fix amazon shipping address error (100% fixed)?

Amazon address

Let us attempt few troubleshooting steps :

✅Please attempt to logout and login to your Amazon account and check out once more.

✅If this doesn't facilitate, check if there's any update obtainable for the app.

✅Try to take away and add the address once more from Amazon account settings > Manage Address.

✅If not, check if the address your are attempting is deliverable. Few product won't be deliverable at a specific address.

✅If the difficulty persists you will got to contact our customer support to assist you additional on this issue .

contact Amazon customer support