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[SOLVED] 9 ways to fix ffxiv error 2002 (100% genuine method)?

[SOLVED] ffxiv error 2002 how to fix (100% working method)?


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Final Fantasy XIV is AN triumph MMORPG developed by Square Enix. it had been the fourteenth entry within the Final Fantasy series, and it continues to carry its quality even in any case these years. However, loads of players have rumor encountering the FFXIV Error 2002; this error prevents players from change of integrity the sport lobby.

As Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer RPG, an online association is important for that game. However, FFXIV players can’t hook up with that game’s lobby once error 2002 arises.

This has caused frustration to users, particularly within the case of the folks that love this series considerably and wish to play whenever they get some free time in their busy schedule.

Some other common problems encountered by FFXIV fans embrace the inability to transfer patch files during this game.

If you create time for taking part in then see the error 2002 arise, it's graspable that you simply would get irritated and scour the net for an answer.

As annoying because it is, you’ve reached the right guide to explore this subject more and guarantee you’ll be troubleshooting this issue with skilled recommendation.

Read on to seek out out the main points concerning the way to build this error disappear once and for all, and acquire back to enjoying your FFXIV favorite game.

[SOLVED] 9 ways to fix  ffxiv error 2002 (100% genuine method)?

🔵 Solution:-01- Restart the router

Restart router

Even though it would look like a clear step, being a server connection error, it's possibly caused by an issue together with your web property, or the servers not being on-line from the developer’s aspect.

To eliminate the likelihood that the fearsome 2002 error doesn’t seem owing to your network, playing this action can for sure facilitate.

Try restarting (or resetting) your router 1st. Power off your router, then disconnect it. watch for concerning thirty seconds therefore the entire router’s settings and packets area unit cleared.

After this point, merely insert your router once more, and switch it on.

If you discover that this methodology doesn’t amendment something on FF14, follow ensuing delineated  ways one by one.

🔵Solution:-02- Allow FFXIV through the firewall

Error 2002 typically seems thanks to firewalls interference FFXIV’s web property. Therefore, you'll be able to attempt to resolve this drawback by modifying the corresponding firewall settings on your computer.

✅1. Press the Windows key + S to open the search box.

✅2. Type firewall in your search box.

✅3. Click Windows Defender Firewall within the search results to open the Control Panel applet.

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✅4. Click Allow AN app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall to open the Allowed applications window.

✅5. Click the Change settings button to regulate choices.

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✅6. If FFXIV isn't listed, click the Allow another app option.

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✅7. Then click Browse to choose the FFXIV EXE file.

✅8. Click the Open and Add buttons.

✅9. choose each the Private and Public checkboxes for FFXIV.

✅10. Press the OK button to save lots of the changes.

🔵Solution:-03- Turn off Windows Defender Firewall

✅Alternatively, you'll be able to flip off Windows Defender Firewall to guarantee it isn’t interference FFXIV.

✅To do that, open the WDF electrical device application program as printed inside the second resolution.

✅Click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off on the left of the WDF application program.

ffxiv error 2002

✅Turn off Windows Defender Firewall .

✅Select the OK option, and shut the firewall application program.

✅Try enjoying FFXIV with the firewall off.

✅If the game runs well, then flip the firewall back on and permit the sport through the firewall victimisation the previous resolution.

🔵Solution:-04- Uninstall third-party antivirus software system firewalls

ffxiv error 2002

✅The best thanks to guarantee a third-party ANtivirus firewall isn’t interference FFXIV is to uninstall an put in antivirus utility.

✅To do that, launch pass by pressing the Windows key + R keyboard road.

✅Type appwiz.cpl in Run and click OK to open Windows’ uninstaller.

✅Select your third-party antivirus software system.

✅Click Uninstall and Yes to take away the antivirus utility.

✅Restart Windows once uninstalling the antivirus software system.

✅Before uninstalling a third-party antivirus utility, you'll be able to attempt disabling it via its context menu. Right-click its system receptacle icon to open a context menu which will embrace choices for the antivirus software system.

✅Select to disable the antivirus software system there till restart if you'll be able to. If that doesn’t resolve error 2002, however, uninstall the utility as printed higher than.

🔵Solution:-05- Uninstall the WTFast software system

ffxiv error 2002

✅Error 2002 also can flow from to the WTFast web utility. To uninstall that software system, open the Programs and options application program as printed for resolution four.

✅Then right-click WTFast to pick an Uninstall option for it.

✅Click Yes to make sure and uninstall the software system.

✅Restart your desktop or laptop computer once uninstalling WTFast.

🔵Solution:-06- Connect to the web with coax cable

ffxiv error 2002

Some users have additionally aforesaid they’ve fixed error 2002 by connecting to the web with cables. If your computer has AN local area network port and cable for it, attempt connecting to the web thereupon.

✅Connect your router to the computer with the coax cable. Then attempt enjoying FFXIV.

✅In case you can’t use your local area network association, there's a mess of solutions for this issue furthermore.

✅Those area unit a number of the additional possible fixes for FFXIV error 2002. However, error 2002 will generally flow from to server maintenance. you'll be able to check for server maintenance announcements at the FFXIV forum.

🔵Solution:-07- Flush the DNS Cache

Flush DNS

✅Open the beginning Menu and search for cmd.

✅Right-click on Command Prompt option and click  Run as administrator option within the context menu.

✅Type during this command: ipconfig/flushdns and press Enter.Flushing the DNS.

✅Restart your computer for the changes to require impact.

🔵Solution:-08- Reset Network Adapter

ffxiv error 2002

Some players are ready to fix FFXIV’s Error 2002 by resetting their Network Adapter. you'll be able to reset your network adapter through the Network reset option in the System settings.

✅Open the Windows Start Menu and type network reset.

✅Click on Network Reset from the simplest match possibility.

✅Click on the Reset now button Network Reset.

✅Wait for your computer to restart.

🔵Solution:-09- Add Console to DMZ

DMZ may be a distinct zone in your router. you'll be able to use DMZ to position your game consoles on your home network, which can permit them to bypass firewall filtering and provides them full access to the web. Adding your console’s science address to DMZ also can assist you fix the FFXIV Error 2002. To alter DMZ for your console, follow the steps mentioned below.

ffxiv error 2002

✅Access your router settings by coming into the default entranceway address in your web browser’s address bar.

✅Open the Settings menu of the router.

✅Find the DMZ possibility within the Advanced Settings.

✅Type within the Static science Address that's appointed to the console within the box. Then click the OK button.


Feel free to share your thoughts with USA by victimisation the comment section found below this text.We hope that by following this guide you may be ready to fix FFXIV’s Error 2002. These ten ways area unit proved  and effective. Please note that the FFXIV Error 2002 does not invariably occur owing to a retardant on the player’s finish as Final Fantasy XIV’s servers bear maintenance very often.Thank you.