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[100% fixed*] 10 ways to fix err ssl protocol error (solved)?

[100% fixed*] 10 ways to fix err ssl protocol error (genuine method)?


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Are you the user of in style applications programme Google Chrome who’s facing the error message “This web site can’t give a secure connection” or “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” or Error Code 107 on Google Chrome? If that’s the case, don’t ar worried|you are concerned} as there are many thousands of users such as you within the same boat as you. Here, we are going to walk you thru the series of easy steps that may assist you terminate the SSL error like net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR chrome and can leave you in peace.Furthermore, during this article, you’ll learn what this error message ‘ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR’ is in Google Chrome, what area unit the explanations behind it, and undoubtedly the proper solutions to repair this net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR message in Chrome.There area unit variety of association errors you would possibly expertise whereas accessing a web site via Google Chrome Browser. one in all them is net::err_ssl_protocol_error.

As the name suggests, an SSL protocol error happens once an online browser is unable to determine a secure association. Of course, this happens on AN SSL certificate enabled web site.

When this error happens, you'd see the following error message.

✅Just so you recognise, SSL is a knowledge transfer coding technique that creates your web site safe for users to act with. SSL enabled websites have HTTPS prefix, whereas those while not it solely have HTTP.

✅As you would possibly have guessed, net::err_ssl_protocol_error isn’t exclusive to Google Chrome – it happens on different browsers like Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

✅If you’ve ever intimate with this error, you'd agree that it may be frustrating. the rationale is, it’s tough to inform precisely wherever the matter is coming back from.

✅But to not worry; during this article, we are going to show you ways to troubleshoot and fix this error.

What Causes Err_SSL_Protocol_Error?

One of the explanations why SSL association error is frustrating is that your browser can ne'er provides a hint on wherever the matter is coming back from. As such, you would possibly got to do loads of troubleshooting to work out wherever the matter is coming back from.

From expertise, however, we tend to know this net::err_ssl_protocol_error is indicative of any of the following:

✅Your device’s date and time isn’t correct

✅Your antivirus software system is obstructing your connection.

✅There area unit unhealthy or corrupted chrome extensions put in on your browser

✅The HOST files of the web site you're making an attempt to access are corrupted

✅Your browser cache and cookies need to be cleared.

✅Without any more stir, let’s show you how to fleetly fix SSL errors.

[100% fixed*] 10 ways to fix err ssl protocol error (solved)?

Below area unit some tested and sure solutions for reestablishing a reference to a secured website after encountering the net::err_ssl_protocol_error.

Method 1: Clear Your Browser Cache

SSL error

✅Though straightforward, clearing browser cache is a robust resolution for correcting most browser server errors.

✅To clear your browser cache on Chrome, hold down the subsequent three keys on your Windows keyboard:

Shift + Ctrl + Delete

✅Doing this may say Chrome cache settings. choose the “Cookies…” and “Cached…” things as shown below.

✅Then hit the Clear Data button to clear your browsing information. With that, your browser’s cache and cookies have been cleared.

✅The error ought to be resolved by currently. If it persists, strive succeeding resolution.

Method 2: transfer (download) and Install the most recent Version of Chrome

Download chrome

✅At times, it would be that the matter is coming back from your browser – particularly if it hasn’t been updated in a very whereas.

✅An non current browser will trigger loads of association errors, one in all that is net::err_ssl_protocol_error.

✅Depending on your web association settings, your chrome browser can be change itself mechanically.

✅However, if you're unsure, head over to Google and transfer and install the most recent version of chrome.

Method 3: Audit Your Chrome Extensions

Chrome extension

Like we tend to earlier mentioned, a corrupted chrome extension will cause your browser to offer connection errors. this is often significantly true if you've got many extensions put in on your browser.

✅As such, you'd need to disable extensions to check if that solves your issue.

✅Since you actually can’t tell that extension can be inflicting the association downside, your best bet is to de activate all of them one at a time.

Chrome extension

✅To do so, open your browser and appearance to the highest right corner. you may see a three dot vertical icon; click thereon.

✅Upon click, navigate to More tools >> Extension

✅Next, you'll either take away or disable every extension one once the opposite. 

✅Each time you take away or disable AN extension, refresh your browser to check if the error has gone away.

✅If it goes away, it’s indicative that the extension you last disabled or removed was the matter.

✅However, if you noticed  no amendment, you'd got to strive a unique approach.

Method 4: Now, check your system  current Date and Time

Date and time

If your system dates area unit incorrect, you may possibly expertise AN SSL association error.

✅The reason for this is often quite straightforward. The validity of AN SSL certificate relies on its end date and time. that's to mention, AN SSL certificate can solely stay valid farewell as its expiration time has not been exceeded.

✅This is why it’s vital for your date and time to be correct. Else, your laptop would suppose the SSL certificate on the location you're making an attempt to access has terminated.

✅To check the date and time on Windows, navigate to Settings/Control Panel. Then select Time & Language.

✅On succeeding settings page, click the Change button as shown below

✅Then update your computer’s time and date fittingly. To avoid this trouble within the future, toggle Set time automatically from off to on.

Method 5: Clear Your Computer’s SSL State to repair Err_SSL_Protocol_Error


✅To improve speed and performance, your browser downloads and stores the SSL certificate of each web site you visit to your computer’s cache.

✅The problem is, the hold on SSL certificate will become non current. ought to this happen, you may run into the net::err_ssl_protocol_error.

✅As such, clearing your computer’s SSL state will facilitate fix this downside.

✅You can try this from advanced settings on your laptop. To access these settings, open Settings/Control panel and navigate to Network Sharing Center. There, click Internet choices.

SSL state: net::err_ssl_protocol_error how to fix

✅Upon click, a brand new window can open. Click on the Content tab, and then Clear SSL State

✅Finally, click OK, and you're done.

✅The next time you visit the location, a recent copy of its SSL certificate are downloaded to your machine.

Method 6: quickly Disable Your Antivirus and Firewall

Disable antivirus

✅While antivirus programs and firewalls help shield your laptop against malware, oftentimes, they exchange your thanks to a seamless, secured reference to an online server.

✅If up to currently you're still experiencing SSL connection error, disable your antivirus program and see if this may clear the error.

✅Should that not work, take things a bit more by tweaking your antivirus settings. To do so, open your control board (on Windows), then navigate to System and Security >> Windows Defender Firewall >> customise Settings. Once there, flip off Windows Defender Firewall like thus

Method 7: Verify the Website’s SSL Validity

Verify SSL certificate

✅Only a legitimate SSL certificate can guarantee a sleek, secure reference to an online server. Thus, if you're still seeing the net::err_ssl_protocol_error, it’s concerning time you verified the validity of the SSL certificate of the location.

✅To do so, you'll use on-line SSL tools like SSL Labs. you merely got to paste within the site’s address, and SSL Labs can check the validity of its certificate.

Method 8: Disable QUIC Protocol

Disable quick protocol

✅QUIC (Quick UDP web Connections) is what permits Chrome browsers to attach simply to a secure web site. however from time to time, it may be a haul.

✅So, if your SSL error hasn’t cleared up until currently, you may need to disable your browser’s QUIC protocol.

✅To do so, copy and paste the subsequent line of code into your address bar


✅Next, set Experimental QUIC protocol to disabled, like so. after you area unit done, re-launch your browser.

Method:-9. take away the Hosts file

Remove host file

✅Press Windows + R, sort in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc & hit enter button

✅You will notice a file named hosts. Delete it.

✅Fix Your web Security and Privacy Level

✅If the matter is uninterrupted, then you'll strive by checking the net Security and Privacy level. because the chance of block a specific web site and facing ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR is there if the privacy level is just too high.

Method:10- lastly, you must be Fix internet security and privacy level

Check internet-security-and-privacy-level carefully

Follow Below Steps to Lower the Level:

✅In the search bar of your laptop, type “Internet Options”.

✅Once the “Internet Properties” opens, navigate to the Security tab and verify the provided slider. If the slider is just too high, then bring back to the Medium level (in the middle) and click on on the “OK” button.


In this article, we tend to showed you seven straightforward ways that to repair the net::err_ssl_protocol_errorerr_ssl_protocol_error must you encounter one.Using any of those, you ought to be ready to fix the error and find access to the location throwing the error. within the probability that you simply area unit still seeing this error, and if you're the webmaster, you will describe your problems more within the comment below.

You can also request our service and we are going to get this mounted for you.Thank you.