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[ 100% Fixed*] how to fix du error code 135921 (fixed)?

[Fixed] how to fix du error code 135921 (genuine method)? 


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Helpful Tips for:error code 135921

🔵The utmost range of borrowers permissible on a application in DO/DU is four, however the utmost number of borrowers per a credit report pull is 

🔵If there area unit 3 borrowers, then the third receiver would need to get on a separate report from the opposite 2 borrowers.

🔵The borrower's gift address should be inside the U.S., U.S. territories, or bound military addresses set within the U.S. so as to get a credit report that's compatible with DU loan case file necessities. Otherwise, the loan should be manually underwritten.

🔵For DO/DU to simply accept a credit report, info from all 3 credit repositories (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) should be enclosed. A score isn't required; but, info referring to the borrower’s credit history is required to underwrite the loan case-file through DU. A loan case-file will be underwritten victimisation DU once a receiver has placed a freeze on their credit report – as long because the freeze is merely placed at one in every of the three credit repositories

🔵 one in every of the foremost frequent credit errors is that the general failure error. though this error doesn't give detailed info, it generally indicates there's no credit report related to the loan. In these instances, the loan ought to be submitted for credit and underwriting, reissuing or pull credit. DU ought to then offer either Associate in Nursing underwriting response or receive a additional descriptive error. 

🔵Credit agency delineate below refers to credit supplier that you just requested you

Please follow these steps to visualize for information integrity:

✔️An error running the DU/LP will occur once bound info doesn't match on the loan and also the AUS type. To correct this error:

✔️Verify that the borrower's name matches on the loan and on the AUS type. for instance, if the receiver is listed as Robert inexperienced on the loan, miscalculation could occur if the receiver is listed as Bob inexperienced on the AUS type.

✔️Verify that the borrower's social insurance range (SSN) matches on the loan and on the AUS type.

✔️Verify that the borrowers haven't switched order since the AUS type was last requested by a broker.

✔️DU won't settle for 2 credit scores.

✔️Swapped borrowers' positions since credit news

✔️An error will occur if the results of a previous AUS request weren't downloaded before the shape was requested once more. this happens most frequently once a user switches from phonograph recording to DU and contrariwise.

✔️An error will occur if the vendor ID wasn't provided whereas running the phonograph recording. If the user is aware of the loaner vendor ID, Use their vendor ID, If the user unsure that loaner they're submitting will use the corp default vendor ID: 121555.  UPDATE 3/1/2021 - For LPA five.0 / NEW URLA, don't use 121555.  

✔️An error will occur if the federal agency mortgage insurance (MIP) amount isn't entered for the loan. This quantity should be manually entered for a loan estimate or closing revealing within the Government information section on the extra tab of the Manage Loan screen.

✔️An error will occur if income for the topic property is entered. The FHA does not enable income from the topic property to offset the PITI quantity. financial gain|income} entered on the financial gain tab within the Borrowers section of the application tab on the Manage Loan screen should be entered as 'Other' income, and also the full PITI quantity should be counted against the receiver.

✔️For Associate in Nursing federal agency or VA case, you'll get "missing lender's support ID" error.  Sponsor ID are going to be auto-populated if information is avail once you choose Associate in Nursing loaner.  If it is not obtainable in Lending Pad system, attend further, Government information to fill out the lender's federal agency Lender/Sponsor ID.  

✔️For DO, Lending Pad can use federal agency loaner ID (if you've got one) or Sponsored creator EIN range from Company → Settings however not each.  See DU Job Aid here.  

[ 100% Fixed*] how to fix du error code 135921 (fixed)? 

🔵Ensure that the borrower’s info 

used to pull the credit (name, current 

address, and social insurance Number) 

matches what's listed within the receiver 

Information screen and also the borrowers 

are within the same positions.

🔵make sure the amount of borrowers on the 

loan matches the amount of borrowers 

on the associated credit report(s).

🔵make sure the reference number(s) 

included within the credit report request 

matches the reference number(s) on the 

credit report(s).

🔵 Once info has been verified 

resubmit for credit solely or credit and 


🔵Try submitting for credit solely or credit 

and underwriting once more.

If receiver info has modified a

new credit report is needed.

🔵If receiver info has not 

changed, attempt resubmitting for credit solely or credit and underwriting.

🔵 If a receiver within the application 

(1003 form) has been another or removed 

to match the credit report, the Casefile 

ID will be removed, and also the loan information 

can be reimported to DO/DU to avoid 

pulling new credit for the receiver.

This error code generally accompanies 

all of the opposite DU error codes and 

means no credit report was came back. 

Please seek for another error code. If 

there aren't any different error codes, verify 

that the receiver info accustomed 

pull the credit report (name, generation, 

current address, and social insurance 

number) matches what's listed within the 

Borrower info screen and also the 

borrowers area unit within the same positions.

🔵 make sure the amount of borrowers on the 

loan application (1003 form) matches 

the number of borrowers on the credit 


o If there's only 1 receiver, 

ensure a joint credit report was 

not requested.

🔵 Verify the right agency is chosen and 

if applicable the right reference 

number(s) is provided.

🔵 Submit for credit solely or credit and 


Ensure tri-merge credit report was 

requested, and every one 3 repositories area unit 


🔵make sure the following info has 

been entered on the application 

(1003 form) correctly:

o Borrower(s) name(s)

o social insurance number(s)

o gift address(s)

🔵 If this can be a reissue, guarantee this 

information matches the credit report 

that is being reissued:

o receiver info

o Credit agency

o Reference range

🔵Submit for credit solely or credit and 


🔵If not resolved, then contact your credit 

agency’s technical support for help

Download du error troubleshooting pdf