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[Fixed*] epic games socket error reddit (100% fixed)

[Tips and tricks*] how to fix epic games socket error reddit (100% fixed) ? 


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A association(connection) issue is something that forestalls you from having the ability to use the Epic Games Launcher or the other Epic Games product. this might happen whereas trying to login to the Epic Games Launcher or exploitation any Epic Games product.

What to try to to first:

✔️Restart the pc and modem/router.

✔️Make sure the launcher isn't blocked by the firewall or antivirus code.

✔️Disable any proxy server your laptop is exploitation.

[Fixed*] epic games socket error reddit (100% fixed) 

Method 1: First of all Check the current situation of the Epic Games Server

The first issue you may wish to try to to during this case is to form certain that the server is up and running. you'll be able to do that by visiting this page If the Epic Games Store standing isn't inexperienced and operational then you may ought to look forward to the server to induce back on-line.

Method 2: Check your net association(connection) 

You need to form certain that the pc you're exploitation is obtaining the correct information measure and ping results from your ISP. you'll be able to do a speed check from to check your net association. you must observe of the ping, download, and transfer results. If the ping is just too high (more than 100ms) or if the transfer speed is just too low ( but 1Mbps ) then this might be what’s inflicting the matter. to mend this attempt removing alternative devices from the network and stop any downloads current. If the problem persists then you must contact your ISP.

Method 3: Run the web fixer tool to mend launcher error AS-3

This is one among the tools on the market in Windows ten that checks your laptop for any problems that may stop it from obtaining on-line.

✔️Using the web fixer Tool

✔️Click the beginning button.

✔️This can be found at the lower left aspect of the screen.

✔️Click Settings.

✔️This will open the Settings window.

✔️Click Update & Security.

✔️This is sometimes the last choice on the Settings window.

✔️Click Troubleshoot.

✔️This can be found on the left pane.

✔️Click extra troubleshooters.

✔️This can be found on the correct pane.

✔️Click net connections then Run the fixer.

✔️This will begin the troubleshooting tool. Follow any suggested steps that require to be done.

✔️After playacting the steps listed higher than you may with success fix the Epic Games Launcher error AS-3 drawback.

Method:-04-Use a wired association(connection) 

Wireless associations aren't as stable as a wired connection. this implies that the signal may be unreliable and lead to packet loss, association issues, or higher latency or ping. Connect on to your electronic equipment or router with Associate in Nursing coax cable to eliminate this chance and have the quickest association potential.

Method:-05-Disable your firewalls

Often the fastest thanks to fix association issues because of firewalls is to quickly uninstall and/or disable it. 

Note: This method is merely for troubleshooting. If the association issue is fastened once removing or disabling your firewall, make certain to manually add our product as exceptions to the firewall and check out once more.

Disable Windows Firewall

✔️Click on Start.

✔️Click on Control Panel.

✔️Click on System and Security.

✔️Click on Windows Firewall.

✔️Click on flip Windows Firewall on or off (You may ought to give the Administrator secret at this step)

✔️Under every Network location, choose the shut down Windows Firewall choice

Uninstall the other firewalls

Using a third party firewall might stop you from having the ability to attach to the Epic Games Launcher, Fortnite, or another Epic Games product. we tend to suggest removing any third party firewalls quickly to check if this resolves your issue. If it will resolve the matter, make certain to feature the subsequent executables as exceptions to your firewall:

Epic Games Launcher

✔️C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64\EpicGamesLauncher.exe

✔️C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win32\EpicGamesLauncher.exe


✔️C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe

✔️C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping_BE.exe

✔️C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping_EAC.exe

✔️C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\FortniteLauncher.exe

Note: Contact your firewall manufacturer for directions on a way to add these as exceptions to that as this varies between them.

Method:-06-Unblock your network ports

Network ports enable bound forms of information to be with success sent over a network that square measure utilized by our services. If you've got any of those blocked, it should lead to you being unable to attach to our games or use our services properly. 


✔️First, you may ought to get your default entry and internal scientific discipline address:

✔️Click on Start.

✔️Type cmd and press Enter.

✔️Type ipconfig and press Enter.

✔️Take note of your Default Gateway and IPv4.

✔️Configuring your router to unblock the ports

✔️Open your application program.

✔️Type your Default Gateway into the address bar and press Enter. (A common Default entry is

You may be asked for a username and secret. This varies for every router. Before getting into something, attempt simply striking OK. If that does not work, attempt the common default username and secret below:

Username: admin

Password: secret

If these do not work, you'll be able to check this website for an inventory of usernames and passwords supported your router model.

✔️Locate the Port Forwarding page within the administration tool and click on on that.

✔️Make sure you have Port Forwarding selected and not Port Triggering as this can be fully completely different.

On this screen you may ought to enter the ports and port ranges below with the right protocol and native scientific discipline of that you took note of above: 80 (TCP/UDP), 433 (TCP), 443 (TCP), 3478 (TCP/UDP), 3479 (TCP/UDP), 5060 (TCP/UDP), 5062 (TCP/UDP), 5222 (TCP), 6250 (TCP/UDP), and 12000-65000 (TCP/UDP).

If you've got any bother doing the higher than on your router, make certain to envision out the router manufacturer's support web site for extra directions as these can vary router to router.

Method:-07-VPN and Proxy Servers

Do NOT use VPN or Proxy Servers. These cause problems that cannot be resolved by North American country while not having you disable them. Check out this article for data on a way to disable your proxy server.

Switch name Systems (DNS)

Switching your DNS may result in higher property and performance for your net association. There square measure 2 completely different DNS services we tend to suggest to own you are trying if you're having problems together with your association. Below square measure the followings links with directions on a way to amendment your DNS:

  • GoogleDNS
  • CloudflareDNS
  • Now,Epic Games Launcher: Edit your Engine.ini file (Windows only)

    Editing these settings may result in higher transfer speeds exploitation the Epic Games Launcher:

    ✔️Click on Start.

    ✔️Type %localappdata% and press Enter.

    ✔️Open the EpicGamesLauncher folder.

    ✔️Open the Saved folder.

    ✔️Open the Config folder.

    ✔️Open the Windows folder.

    Open Engine.ini and add the subsequent lines to it:










    ✔️Save the file and open the Epic Games Launcher.

    ✔️Whitelist domains (Universities, colleges, or enterprises)

    For enterprises, colleges, or universities, you will air a restricted network. If you are on one among these networks and you are having problems exploitation the Epic Games Launcher or enjoying our games, we tend to suggest you raise your IT department to whitelist or alter the subsequent domains:

    ✔️If you’ve tried all of those things and you’re still having association problems, click Contact Us to open a support price ticket. thus we are able to assist you as quickly as potential, make certain to incorporate the following:

    ✔️Steps you have already performed to troubleshoot your issue