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[Latest tips and tricks*] how to fix sling error 5-100?

 [100% working method*] how to fix sling error 5-100? 

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The error will occur because of glitches within the system, bugs touching your or device, or associate non-current app. you'll fix the matter by restarting the app, which may take away any temporary glitches and problems. you'll additionally attempt to switch the device you're mistreatment, as an example, streaming Sling on Roku rather than your laptop.

Sling TV is not any doubt an incredible app with a large library of Spanish and international channels. There area unit completely different plans to subscribe Sling TV. to relinquish you a reference, even their highest set up is less than YouTube TV, Hulu TV, etc. aside from this, Sling TV is accessible on multiple platforms. a number of these embrace good TVs, Fire Stick, Roku, Android, iOS, etc.

But all that's nice and on one facet. On the opposite facet of the story, Sling TV has some problems. These area unit some errors at intervals the app that seem currently and so. Well, there area unit many alternative styles of errors, so area unit the ways to resolve them. So, here is that the fast and dedicated section for each error code that you simply see on Sling TV. thereupon being same, let’s start.

Fix Sling TV Error codes 5-100, 10-100, 9-XXX, 8-270:

🔵Error 5-100: 

As per the official web site and forums, this error is expounded to channels. It seems whenever you are attempting to access or watch any channel. These channels area unit those either aren't obtainable or not purchased by you. to see this, you'll seek for the provision of any channel. Also, you'll check your signed set up yet. If you're attempting to open any unpurchased channel, then it'll throw the error. So, either create the acquisition or switch to a different channel.

🔵Error 10-100: 

Among of these error codes, this one is that the most typical. this can be why even the ways to resolve this error area unit common. initial of all, you'll visit the house screen and navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Sling TV. currently force stop the appliance and take a look at once more. Do note that the navigation could alter betting on the device, however the method remains constant.

If that failed to work, then you'll additionally clear the cache within the same manner, as mentioned on top of. On automaton and iOS, this may be worn out the device settings. Also, constant is for fireplace Stick, Windows, etc. however within the case of Apple TV, you would like to uninstall and install the app once more. Lastly, for Roku, visit the house screen and press some keys on the remote. These area unit a home button for five times, navigation up once, rewind double and quick forward double.

Finally, you'll resuscitate your device. undo the device, anticipate a handful of minutes, enter once more and begin the device. This method is termed as cold boot and works for several cases. So, simply provides it a strive. Lastly, make sure the network association and standing on the device.

🔵Error 9-XXX: 

These series of errors area unit usually connected your account. So, the strategy to resolve them additionally vary from device to device. truly this error comes in once you attempt to stream any video and it throws the error with codes like 9-300, 9-600, etc. Thus, contact the technical support for higher help.

🔵Error 8-270: 

Lastly, error 8-270 may be resolved through a number of the common ways. you'll put in the Sling TV, clear the cache, take away the channel, etc. the method of doing this could vary from the device you're mistreatment Sling TV. for example, visit device settings just in case of automaton, iOS and television boxes. For Roku, you'll press the * on remote, take away the channel and add it once more.

[tips and tricks*] how to fix sling error 5-100? 

Here we've explained some reasons for Sling Error 5-100:

 Software Issue: It’s doable that the appliance you’re trying to put in is corrupted or isn’t started to work on the device you’re mistreatment properly. to induce around this, you'll try restarting or reinstalling the appliance to repair the Sling Error 10-100.

 Cached Data: Like nearly different apps, the Sling App stores essential knowledge to hurry up loading times and boost productivity. However, we’ve seen that this cache would possibly get broken, leading to the Sling Error 10-100.

How To Fix Sling Error 5-100? 

So, here’s a quick and dedicated article for Sling TV’s Sling Error 10-100. There ar many styles of errors, and there ar various solutions for resolution them. we've mentioned an inventory of solutions below. So, while not more fuss, let’s start.

Solution 1: Force shut The Sling App 

A bug typically triggers a problem within the application that forestalls it from recognizing the right login credentials. it's unable to log in as a results of this, and a slip-up message is displayed. As a result, we’ll shut the app entirely before re-launching it during this step. We’ve enclosed the procedure for many normal devices as a result of this method varies counting on your device. you'll conjointly find the precise procedure for your appliance on the net.

For Android TV users:

✔️First of all, from the most menu, you've got to pick out Settings.

✔️After that, you wish to pick out Apps, then you wish to settle on Sling TV from the menu.

✔️In the end, you wish to re-launch the app when pressing the Force Stop button.

For Android Mobile:

✔️First and foremost, you wish to travel to Settings to access Recent Apps.

✔️After that, you wish to seek out Sling TV, then you've got to shut it by swiping the app windows up or down, counting on your device.

✔️Finally, you've got to re-launch the app by returning to the most screen. 

For Apple TV:

✔️Firstly, mistreatment your remote, you've got to press the house button double in an exceedingly row.

✔️Then, to find Sling TV, you've got to scroll down the page.

✔️After that, you wish to re-launch the app by returning to the house screen.

For Samsung TV:

✔️Firstly, you've got to press and hold the rear button on the remote whereas in-app to access the house screen menu.

✔️After that, you've got to open the appliance once more and see if the Sling Error 10-100 has been resolved.

Solution 2: Uninstall The Sling TV Application

The Sling Error 10-100 may be generated in some circumstances if the device contains a copy of your antecedently used login credentials keep on that and is utilizing those rather than the recent ones to log in. it's going to get resolved by either removing the copy or uninstalling and reinstalling the programme. as a result of locating and removing individual copies could be a long task. we have a tendency to advise that you just fully set up the programme. each appliance contains a totally different approach, however we’ve enclosed a number of the additional common ones here.

For Android Mobile:

✔️In the commencement, you've got to open Google Play Store on your Android device.

✔️After that, you've got to go looking for “Sling TV” within the “Play Store” on your robot phone.

✔️Then, to uninstall the programme, you've got to hit the “Uninstall” button.

✔️After that, associate “Install” button can seem on the screen once the Sling TV application has been removed.

✔️Finally, you wish to set up Sling TV on your phone and check whether or not Sling Error 10-100 has been resolved.

For iOS:

✔️In the commencement, you've got to the touch and hold any app on your home screen haphazardly till all of them begin to shake.

✔️After that, you've got to choose “Delete” from the “Sling TV” app.

✔️Now, you've got to press the house button on your iPhone. To access the “App Store” as before long because the app is removed.

✔️After that, you wish to travel to your phone’s app store.

✔️Next, you've got to go looking for Sling TV and install the application; you've got to pick out “Get.”

✔️Once the programme is put in, get in your user account to ascertain whether or not the Sling Error 10-100 has been resolved.

✔️If you're facing Steam Content File latched Error then we've written a commentary on that go and browse this to induce your issue resolved.

Solution 3: Ensure Your net connection  functioning

The Sling Error 10-100 drawback may also be caused by a sluggish or unreliable net association. once trying to log in over a nasty association, the Sling TV app might have problems. Examine your net association to verify if it's up and running. you must follow the subsequent steps below:

✔️Firstly, you wish to disconnect the other internet-connected devices.

✔️After that, you've got to shut any background programme which will be running.

✔️Now, you wish to position the net router nearer to the device.

✔️After that, you wish to restart your net router if it hasn’t done therefore already.

✔️Would you please check whether or not your net association matches the Sling TV App’s minimum net speed requirements? Please do check!

Solution 4: ensure of Clearing Your Device’s Cached data

For Android Users:

✔️Firstly, you've got to navigate to “Apps” in your Android smartphone’s Settings.

✔️Then, you wish to navigate to the “Sling TV” application, then you wish to travel to the “Storage” space.

✔️After that, you've got to pick out “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” one by one.

✔️Would you please restart the Sling TV app to ascertain whether or not Sling Error 10-100 is resolved? Please check it!

For iOS Users:

To clear cache data on iOS, you want to initial manually take away the Sling TV then set up it on the device to try and do this method.

Solution 5: Users of Virtual non-public Networks (VPN)

The Sling TV App could be a tv service established within the u.  s. that's solely obtainable within the u.  s.. as a result of their information processing addresses aren't from the u.  s., those that utilize a VPN could also be affected. you'll either disable your VPN or piece it to use a United States of America information processing address during this scenario.

There could also be moments once the service is inaccessible. It’s essential to contact their client support once their services are inaccessible.


To conclude, these were a number of the errors on Sling TV, at the side of the ways to resolve them. Hopefully, you discover this text to be helpful. Also, if these ways failed to work, then you must contact the client support. As they'll offer you with applicable and easy help. Lastly, share this along with your friends and colleagues on Sling TV.Thank you.