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[Latest*] hp smart app download (Android, Apple iOS, iPadOS)-hp support

 HP Smart app (Android)-HP Smart app download Mac

HP Smart app (Android)- HP Smart app download Mac

This archive is for HP Printer printers and mechanical man, Apple iOS, and iPadOS cell phones and tablets. 

Use HP Printer good for cell phones to print, duplicate, examine, investigate printer problems, and got wind of a printer on a far off organization. 

HP Printer record is also required to utilize some HP Printer good highlights. within the event that you just haven't got a record, you'll build one throughout the merchandise institution live. 

This record is for the HP Printer good application on Android, iOS, and iPadOS mobile gadgets. On the off likelihood that you just ar utilizing a Windows ten laptop or a macintosh, go to Install and Use the HP Printer good App (Windows 10) or Install and Use the HP Printer good App (Mac). 

Stage 1: 

The most effective methodology to line Up a Wireless HP Printer Printer exploitation HP Printer good in mechanical man 

Figure out a way to got wind of a far off HP Printer printer utilizing HP Printer good in mechanical man 

1: The most effective methodology to line Up a Wireless HP Printer Printer exploitation HP Printer good on associate degree iPad or iPhone 

Figure out a way to got wind of a far off HP Printer printer utilizing HP Printer good on associate degree iPad or iPhone. 

2: Install the HP Printer good application and got wind of the printer 

Introduce the HP Printer good application on a telephone running mechanical man OS seven.0 (Nougat) or later, Apple iOS twelve.0 or later, or iPadOS. 

Go to from a program on your phone or pill and introduce the HP Printer good application. 

3: organization Ensure your mobile is related to your remote , with Bluetooth sceptered, and later on open the HP Printer good application. 

Security and knowledge assortment proclamations show. 

Snap one amongst the incidental decisions, contingent upon your prerequisite: 

Set Up a brand new Printer: got wind of another printer or go with a printer that has simply been got wind of. 

Sign in: produce a HP Printer record or sign up to your HP Printer record to utilize HP Printer good highlights. Whenever angry for account check, follow the on-screen steps to find the confirmation code. 

Skip till any notice: attend the house screen of the HP Printer good application. 

4: Permit Bluetooth and space authorizations, whenever incited. 

For additional information concerning however the HP Printer good application utilizes Bluetooth and space, go to Why will the HP Printer good application would like Bluetooth and space permission in Frequently exhibit inquiries (FAQs) section of this archive. 

  5 : On the house screen: 

>>In the event that your printer shows, proceed to the following stage. 

>>In the event that your printer shows with Set Up, faucet the printer, adhere to the on-screen tips to wrap putting in place your printer, and later on proceed to the subsequent stage. 

>>In the event that your printer does not show, tap Add Printer to choose a printer from the summary of discovered printers or got wind of another one, and later on adhere to the on-screen tips. 

>>On the off likelihood that you just expertise problems throughout printer arrangement, see What if my printer is not found throughout setup? in the Frequently exhibit inquiries (FAQs) section of this record. 


Limitations in mechanical man seven.0 (Nougat) and later might forestall Wi-Fi printer arrangement utilizing the HP Printer good application for mechanical man. On the off likelihood that the remote printer arrangement is not effective, go to from a Windows or macintosh laptop or associate degree iOS or iPadOS contraption to line up the remote association utilizing the target-hunting horsepower institution. you'll likewise interface the printer with the remote arrangement wizard on the electrical device or use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). once related to Wi-Fi, HP Printer good will notice the printer to empower printing. Go to Printer Setup Fails with HP Printer good App (Android) for definite advances. 

Stage 2: Print, output, and duplicate 

Use HP Printer good to duplicate, output, associate degreed print in an assortment of the way. you will have to be compelled to sign up to your HP Printer record to utilize some horsepower good highlights. 

Print a report or photograph 

Sweep utilizing your printer 

Sweep utilizing your telephone camera 

Duplicate reports, cards, and images 

Stage 3: Manage printer inclinations, messages, and provides 

From the printer settings page, you'll superintend printer settings, see messages, and request provides. 


Settings areas amendment by Android. 

View and Manage Printer: faucet your printer image to open the printer settings page. you'll see printer standing, superintend remote printing on the off likelihood that it's accessible, amendment printer inclination, print printer reports, see network information, and that is solely the tip of the iceberg. 


Printer information, reports, and instruments take issue by printer. 

View messages: faucet the Notification icon  (Android) or the printer image (iOS, iPadOS) to ascertain mistake messages. to ascertain print action, Mobile Fax, good Tasks action, and find out distinctive offers, faucet the Notification icon 

Request provides: faucet the Supplies tile to rearrange supplies and agitate your HP Printer Instant Ink account. 

Stage 4: study further highlights 

Investigate further highlights of the HP Printer good application. 

Print Anywhere: Use your telephone to send print occupations over the net once you ar faraway from your printer. you'll provide admittance to your printer distantly, this alternative is accessible on choose HP Printer printers. Go to Print anyplace with the HP Printer good App for additional information. 

Shrewd Tasks: produce straightforward routes for printing, messaging, or saving documents from the HP Printer good application. Go to Using good Tasks for additional information. 

Portable Fax: Send faxes from your telephone to a fax machine or fax-competent printer. Go to Sending Faxes with the HP Printer good app for additional information. 

Printables: Access free printable substance for children, as an example, learning worksheets, shading pages, riddles, and understanding material. 

Help and Support: study HP Printer good, printer and association information, a way to print, sweep and provide, connections to further help and uphold, and acquire fast and free facilitate from our Virtual Agent. Virtual Agent dialects upheld ar English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Portuguese. 

Record: Access your HP Printer Account landing page wherever you'll superintend HP Printer Account, add your printers, and superintend HP Printer edges.