Sunday, 8 November 2020

Hacking app(hacking)-सावधान! इन 5 Hacking Apps से

Hacking tricks, सावधान! इन 5 Hacking Apps से, हैकर (Security hacker), hackers, hack it

Hacking tricks, सावधान! इन 5 Hacking Apps से, हैकर (Security hacker),it support, hacking app for Android, hackers, hack it

Android and PC users can download many types of apps, but there are also many apps that greatly affect your phone or computer.

Android and PC users can download many types of apps, but there are also many apps that greatly affect your phone or computer. Not only this, these apps also hack your device. Today we will tell you five such apps, which do not download by mistake on your device.

The Wifi WPS WPA Tester App 

It was designed for security and testing. Through this app you can easily find out which network has more or less security. Wi-Fi networks can be hacked through this. Android users can use it.

Download wps wpa tester app

 Androrat App 

It is a remote application tool. Through this, you can help in working like any Android phone's contact, call log, message, GPS location, photo, video streaming. However, you can steal the information of another person by using it wrongly.

Download Androrat App here

The DroidBox App 

It is designed to test other Android apps. With its help, you can get information about messages, call details and app details. Explain that data is shown like a graph in it.

Download The DroidBox App here

Burp Suite App

 Burp Suite App  of any web application can be done through Burp Suite App. With the help of this app you can also hack the internet.

Download Burp Suite App here 

Hackode App

was created for testing. Through this, the administrator can hack the username and password. Let us know that if you are an ethical hacker, then you can use this app easily or else you need to be a little careful with this app.

Download Hackode App here

Disclaimer:-i'm not  support hacking. This article is educational purpose only, so please don't misuse it. 


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