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CCC Computer Course - ccc course

has become very popular. Every new student wants to do this CCC Online Course. But due to lack of complete knowledge of this course, they are unable to take admission in this Computer Course.

That is why we have prepared this CCC Course Complete Guide in Hindi. In which an attempt has been made to answer almost all the questions related to the course. To facilitate the study, we have divided the CCC Course Guide into the following parts.

What is CCC Course 

CCC has Full Form Course on Computer Concepts and Computer Concept Courses in Hindi. CCC is a computer course aimed at providing Computer Literacy.

The CCC Course is conducted by NIELIT, the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. It is also known as NIELIT. The earlier name of NIELIT was DOEACC i.e. Department of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Classes.

CCC is a Government Certified Course which is recognized for qualification of computer education in government jobs. Therefore, those students who are preparing for government jobs, they should definitely take admission in CCC Course.

Advantages of CCC Course -Benefit of CCC Course................. 

The main objective of CCC Course is to make computer literate. So the biggest benefit of this is that you will learn to run a computer. This course can have the following advantages.

1-Because after doing this course, you are able to use Computer Fundamentals, Internet, MS Office, Database etc.

2-As we mentioned above, this is a government recognized course. Therefore, you can submit this course for the qualification of computer education in government jobs and promotions.

3-Students can use the Internet to gather new information for their homework. And you can also prepare your Project Work.

4-Housewives means receptacles can use the internet for home furnishing, cooking, new dish information, health information etc. And for entertainment, you can watch your TV Serials, Movies, Comedy etc. online.

5-You also learn to use the services of Online Shopping, Banking Transactions, Email etc. after doing this course.

So we can say that this course is beneficial for everyone from students to housewives. Therefore, to use Computer and Information Technology in daily life, it is necessary to do this course.

How to do CCC Course - Full Admission Process 

There are two ways to get admission in CCC Course. You can do this course in any way. Below we are telling the advantages and disadvantages of both ways.

Taking Admission by Institute

Taking Direct Admission

1. Taking Admission by Institute

Some private institutions have been authorized by NIELIT to conduct this course. From where you can take admission in this course. Here, apart from Admission Fees, you will have to pay Tuition Fees of the institute separately.

Authorized organizations take full responsibility for registration in CCC Course, filling CCC Exam Form, downloading Admit Card, and preparing for CCC Exam etc.

You just have to take the exam by going to the examination center by taking the Aadhar card with your Admit Card at the time of examination. They give you information when the result of the CCC Exam comes.

2. Taking Direct Admission

You can also take Direct Admission in CCC Course. But in this way, the students themselves have full responsibility. However, they do not have to pay any fees other than just the Course Fees.

But, in this way you will have to take the exam by doing self study and you will have to go to the NIELIT website again and see the new information and Admit Card. And by downloading the Admit Card, one has to take the exam by going to the examination center.

You will also have to make CCC Course Notes on your own and make arrangements for CCC Course Study Material at your own level. For which you will have to buy books from outside.

How should I take admission in CCC Course?

It depends on you, if you have knowledge of running computer, internet and only want to take certificate then you can do this course through Direct Admission.

But if you do not know how to run a computer, then you should complete this course through an authorized institution. Because from here you will continue to get the necessary support to complete the course.

When, where and how will the CCC exam be held - CCC Exam Full Detail

NIELIT conducts CCC Course examinations throughout the year. You can take this course exam every month.

While filling the exam form, you have to choose Exam City and Exam Month. After this, by downloading the Admit Card, all the information about the exam can be seen in it.

The Admit Card prints Exam City and Exam Date (First Saturday of the month). You can take your Aadhaar card with it and go to the examination center and give the CCC Course Exam Online.

There are a total of 100 Multi Choice Questions in the CCC Exam. Each question is of 1 mark means the whole exam is of 100 marks. Out of which it is mandatory to get 50% marks for passing. Negative marking is not done in this exam.

Then your grade is made on the basis of the marks obtained by you. Which is calculated in this way.

Correct Answer                               Grade             50 less than                                      Fail               50-54                                                  D                     55-64                                                  C                     65-74                                                  B                     75-84                                                  A                       85 more than                                    S

CCC Course Full Syllabus 

Chapter # 1 - Introduction to Computer -  

Chapter # 2 - Introduction to Operating System- 

Chapter # 3 - Word Processing- 

Chapter # 4 - SpreadSheet - 

Chapter # 5 - Presentation- 

Chapter # 6 - Introduction to Internet and WWW- 

Chapter # 7 - E-mail, Social Networking and e-Governance Services

Chapter # 8 - Digital Financial Tools and Applications

Chapter # 9 - Overview of Future Skills & Security

The CCC Course Syllabus has been designed keeping in mind the beginners. Therefore, Basic Concepts are included in this course.

For the preparation of this Syllabus, you can do so through the Institute Provide Notes. And if you have taken Direct Admission, then for the preparation of CCC, you should buy books from outside and prepare by making your notes.

ccc download

Download CCC PDF Notes

FAQs related to CCC Course - FAQs About CCC Course

Question # 1 - What is a CCC course?

Answer - CCC is a government recognized computer course aimed at promoting computer literacy. This course is conducted by NIELIT, a government institution. This computer course is also included in the basic computer course qualification in government jobs.

Question # 2 - What are the qualifications to do a CCC Course?

Answer - There are no educational qualifications to appear in the CCC Course Exam. Any person can give CCC exam by doing online registration.

Question # 3 - What is the minimum age to sit in the CCC Exam?

Answer - There is no provision of minimum age in this course.

Question # 4 - How to apply for CCC Exam?

Answer - Students can only apply online for this exam. And the application runs throughout the month. Therefore, the facility of delayed application is not available in it.

Question # 5 - Can I fill more than one exam form?

no answer! You can only fill a single exam form in an examination cycle. However, you can fill the application for the second exam cycle on passing and failing. There are no limits here.

Question # 6 - Where will I get the Admit Card?

Answer - Admit card will have to be downloaded from NIELIT website. And they cannot be amended in any way. So, fill in the correct information when applying.

Question # 7 - When and where can I see the exam results?

Answer - CCC Exam Result is usually declared 15 days after the exam. And the exam result can be seen on NIELIT website.

Question # 8 - When and where will I get the certificate from the examination pass?

Answer - Usually the certificate can be downloaded within 1 month of the result. Certificate will not be sent in Hard Copy. It can only be downloaded in Soft Copy, which will be digitally signed E-Certificate.

Question # 9 - Where can I get other latest information related to CCC Course?

Answer - All the latest information related to CCC Course or other Course can be obtained from the official website of NIELIT.

Visit NIELT website