Saturday, 21 November 2020

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*What is 8D technology? The experience of listening to a song will be completely different

Voice in 8D comes from 8 different directions. For this, you do not need special headphones or ear phones.

How fast the technology is updating that 8D (8-Direction) sound has started trending. The trend of 8D audio has grown very fast, because while listening to the song you get lost in another world. It comes from 8 directions, whose experience is difficult to write. After searching '8D Songs' on YouTube, the entire list will be in front of you. You enjoy these songs. Hearing these songs is a very different experience. If you listen to it in open space, the experience will be something else. For this, you do not need special headphones or ear-phones. No matter how much you are listening to the song in high volume, you will not feel noises. Ears are relaxed. You can feel that the voice is coming from 360 degrees. As many instruments (instruments) have been used in a song, you can feel all the sounds.

*What is 8D sound? 

Because of 8 dimensions, you will feel that the sound is coming from where it is generated. There are different dimensions for different voices, due to which the listening experience is different. Different experience of virtual reality makes 8D sound virtual reality different. In this, the penetrations and origin of the sound are clearly revealed. While listening to the song, your mind feels adjusted to the sound. There is no dearth of 8D songs on YouTube. What is the experience of listening to it, you can better understand it by listening to it. But, such songs are being liked very fast on the Internet.

*Difference between 3D, 8D and 16D Technology

3D Audio" is made by panning separate sound tracks (for instance a beat one viewpoint vocals on the other) on the Left or the best possible 

"8D Audio" is made by panning sound tracks Left to Right (or Right to Left) with a strategy expressed as two-channel Panning. two-channel panning is moreover used in computer games to give sounds a method of being during a genuine house. 

"16D Audio" is made by panning separate sound tracks (Beat and Vocals) Left to Right severally with two-channel Panning. 

This is essentially what I've gathered from my own special individual trials with reproducing these sounds and private examination. Once more, none of those terms amazingly mean something