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Career in python developer | python language-Tech2wires

पाइथन क्या है? Introduction of Python-Tech2wires

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Career in python developer | python language-Tech2wires

What is python? Introduction of python?

Do you want to become a Programmer? If yes, what's Python and why use it? . most of the people curious about coding language know less about Python because it's a high-level programing lang. 

If you're learning "Python" because the first programing language , then it's good for you. Python may be a very simple and one step before other programming languages JavaScript, C, C ++, Java, Kotlin etc. along side this, it's the foremost popular new-age language for programmer's, because it is employed in everything from web development to software development and scientific application making.

But we learn any language only there's advantage of learning it. the longer term of PYTHON goes to be even brighter within the coming times. Today giants like Google, Yahoo, Quora, Pinterest and Spotify use it. As a Python developer you'll make tons of cash .

In this article you'll get to read all the knowledge associated with python language that you simply want to understand . So let's first know, what's Python? Then we'll mention the remaining aspects of it.

What is Python?

Career in python developer | python language-Tech2wires

Python is an object-oriented, high level programing language , which is employed in tasks like website building, app development, machine learning, data analysis, web scraping and tongue processing. Python is additionally called general purpose programing language . It started within the 1980s.

Due to the clear syntax and readability of Python language, it's become the foremost popular programing language within the world today. Python offers options like dynamic typing and dynamic binding. For this reason, it's used well within the field of Rapid Application development.

python is additionally an interpreted language, meaning that programs written in Python don't got to be compiled before running. The Python language supports the utilization of modules and packages. In simple terms, you'll design python program during a modular style and its code are often reused in many other sorts of projects.

If you would like to find out programing language , then starting with python is wise step. Because its codes are exactly like English and no sort of curly bracket ({}) is required to write down them.

Why should learn python

Career in python developer | python language-Tech2wires

Why do you have to learn python as a programming language? a number of its positive parts are given below:

1) Python is totally free language, it doesn't need to pay any money for download, use and code.

2) Python commands are in common English word, in order that you'll learn them easily.

3) it's an object-oriented language, which benefits you in learning other programing language .

4) it's utilized in making many sorts of applications. If you've got little knowledge of programming languages, still you'll learn python code easily.

5) Python is additionally utilized in data science. We all know, AI means AI is that the way forward for technology. Accordingly, learning Python may be a profitable deal for us.

6) If you mention the career of Python developer, then today there's no bright future in any field. Salary of a python engineer ranges from 50,000 - 500,000.

History of python

Career in python developer | python language-Tech2wires

Python programing lang. was created by Guido Van Rossum within the 1980s. It started at the National Institute for mathematics and computing Netherlands. python language was invented with ABC programing language . Because it had been ready to interface with exception handling and Amoeba operation system.

Many people ask about the name of Python, what's the relation of the name of a snake to the programing language . Actually Python's name originated from a comedy show. within the 1970s a script called Monty Python’s Flying Circus was published by BBC Comedy Series. Impressed by this, Van Rossum named python.

Currently, Python is currently maintained by the Core development team. Which add new updates and features in python programing language everyday. In 1994, the primary version of Python- Python 1.0 was introduced. After this, many version updates came.

Python Features(python advantage)

There is tons of programing language available in today's era, thanks to which we frequently have difficulties in choosing one among them. during this case, there's a requirement to match their features. you've got to ascertain whose specialty. So let's know some features of python.

Easy programing language 

In all the remainder of the programing language , if one is straightforward to find out and use, then it's Python. Unlike other languages, it's easy to code in Python. Python syntax are often learned with little effort. Despite having high level programming, python codes are in easy English which are easy to know and learn. For this reason, you'll also call it programmer friendly.

Interpreted Language

To run programing language aside from Python, we'd like to compile it. But just in case of python, python code are often run without compiling. Here interpreted means, the ASCII text file is executed line by line.

Expressive language

When the word Expressive is employed , it means understandable and readable. Python may be a programing language that's very easy to read and understand. There are many programs which can't be wiped out the remainder of the programing language but are wiped out python.

Cross- Platform Language

If we write python code for one OS (Window, Mac, Android, Linux), then you are doing not need to make any changes to run it in the other OS . this suggests python language supports all platforms. Before learning any programing language you've got to ascertain whether it's portable language.

Open source

Python is open source, meaning python ASCII text file is out there to the entire world. we will download, change, use and distribute it easily. additionally , python may be a free language, whose tools you'll use easily.


Python is fully embedded, meaning other programing language codes are often inserted in its ASCII text file and python code are often inserted within the ASCII text file of other languages. this enables us to integrate scripting capabilities of other languages into our program.

Large Standard Library

When we download python, we also provide an outsized library of code with it. thanks to which you are doing not need to write your code for everything. this provides us an upscale set of modules and functions for rapid application development.


On reading the necessity , we will write python code in other languages like C ++. This makes Python an extensible language. For this reason we will enlarge python into other languages.

GUI Programming Support

Graphical interface (GUI) are often created using python. The GUI may be a sort of interface , which uses icons or other visual indicators to permit the user to interact with an device instead of just text through the instruction .

Learn Python in english

After reading the long story, we've come to the present question, the way to learn Python? it's also important that you simply got to know before starting this, which is that the best thanks to learn Python? In today's environment, learning any computer-oriented language isn't as difficult because it wont to be. With the event of internet, many resources are open for us. Below we've shared some tips and resources with you, which can assist you learn python language.

Some tips for learning Python Programming:

1. If you're learning any quite computer-oriented language , then consistency is extremely important. you've got to code something a day , you've got to form a habit of your programmer. If we aren't committed to learning it, it'll soon make us bored.

2. don't show haste in learning, gradually learn things. Make notes of important topics or things that you simply find difficult and keep them safe with you. rather than doing a couple of hours during a row, take a five-minute break in half an hour.

3. If possible, find a partner, it'll make your coding learning very interesting. thanks to the presence of two people, many tips and tricks are shared among them, which increases the love for learning.

4. Select the proper resources beforehand. If you would like to find out through an internet site or YouTube video, then continue learning from them continuously. Otherwise do a course from a close-by institute.

5. "Practice Makes a person Perfect" you want to have heard this thought. still practice what you're learning. to find out any quite programing language , it's most vital to continuously practice it.

6. Once you get some understanding in basic arrangement , object oriented programming and writing code, then start some project supported it. Make something supported your python knowledge. this may offer you confidence and you'll be ready to move fast.

Python Video Tutorials:

CodeWithHarryCS GeeksHarshit vashisthMysirG.comTech-Gram Academy

All the resources given to you're absolutely free. you'll also buy Python course if you would like . There are many websites on Google where this course is out there . If there's an institute near you, where programing language is taught. So you'll start it from there also.

Pros and Cons of Python Language

So much that we all know that python is that the hottest programing language of today, but every coin has two aspects and there'll be some drawbacks in Python too. allow us to check out both its aspects once.


Python is extremely simple to find out and understand. Readability has been taken under consideration when creating python code. Unlike other languages, it's clean and straightforward to use. Python supports a spread of system and platform also as object oriented programming driven. The language most ordinarily employed by the programmer of today is python. .Python has many frameworks, which make web programming very flexible. you'll also do more development using less code. Which saves tons of some time . In this, an outsized code library is out there for App development, Web development and machine learning.


Python being interpreted language has advantages also as disadvantages. this is often why Python is slower than the remainder of the programing language . it's not an honest language for mobile development. Python isn't good for multi processor or multi core work. It can't be used openly in database access because database access there's a limitation of python. Python isn't a far better option for memory intensive task. If you're thinking of creating a high-Graphic 3D Game. So it's impossible to use python.


Career in python developer | python language-Tech2wires

In this article you learned what Python is and why it's used. If you've got read this post carefully then it'll be easy for you to settle on Python because the programing language . it's important that you simply should remember of any computer-oriented language before learning it.

So hopefully, you want to have liked this text . If you've got any questions or suggestions associated with Python, please comment below and allow us to know. Finally, if you discover this post informative, then share it together with your classmates and friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. many thanks.

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