Saturday, 13 June 2020

Latest Google map features- Google Maps Alert Corona Red zone Area

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Latest-Google-map-features- Google-Maps-Alert-Corona-Red-zone-Area

Latest Google map features- Google Maps  Alert Corona Red zone Area 

Now Google Map: New feature brought, will alert itself about CORONA area.

Now Google Map brought new feature: Seeing the increasing outbreak of Coronavirus worldwide, the world's largest program company Google (Google) has introduced new features about Google Map! Now through Google map, users are going to be ready to determine which place is banned thanks to COVID-19 infection! along side this, where there's such a lot congestion, what station is crowded, what proportion may be a train or bus late, all this information are going to be found on Google Map!

The company has offered this translator alert features in order that users can easily follow social distancing! These features have just been launched in Mexico, Canada and therefore the US! it'll be launched soon in some countries including India, France, Argentina! aside from this, some features are added to the Google map that give check point information of Kovid-19!

Latest Google map features- Google Maps  Alert Corona Red zone Area 

Google will prepare data

Google says that it'll provide such data to the governments of all countries, ready to "> which can be able to know on the idea of location where the amount of individuals is more! This report are going to be made available to 131 countries through a special website, India is additionally included during this list! it's been made clear by Google that sensitive information like location, contact of a person won't be provided!

Significantly, during this era of transition, many countries including China, Singapore, South Korea had instructed to use the app to stay distance from their people! You, now, the situation history of Google can easily detect the activation of users!

This service is starting in these countries

The company said during a blog post that this new service is starting in India, Argentina, France, Netherlands, us and uk . With the assistance of this new feature of Google Map, users also will be ready to get information about restricted limits.

In recent months, the corporate has analyzed location data from Google users' phones in 131 countries to look at mobility under lockdown and to assist health officials assess whether people are ready to combat social disturbances and viruses. Were following other orders issued and Also attracted a mean of 1 billion users monthly to its free navigation app.