Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Follow these steps to become android developer-Android developer kaise bane



Nowadays about 74% of the devices in the world are used by the Android operating system. The most widely used device in the world is the smartphone itself.

How to become a Software Engineer?

Android is a Linux based operating system made by Google. It was mainly developed for touch screen based devices. But nowadays it is being used in Android smartphones as well as smartwatches, car, tablet .tv… .. . The number of Android users is constantly increasing. In this direction, Android development is the best career option. So if you want to make a career in it field, then Android development can be the best option for you. So let's go through this post From this, we know how to become android developer or how to learn Android development. So if you want to know, then keep reading these posts till the last.


Android developer is not an easy task. But it is not a smooth job. If you want to step into the field of Android development, then you just need to have knowledge of computers. You should take a short course in a computer. Before learning Android development. Well, if you do a Bachelor degree in computer then it is even better. You will take less work and time in Android development after graduating in computer. So let's know the number wise how to become an Android developer (how to become android developer in hindi).

Get good knowledge of computer

To learn Android development first and foremost is that you should have complete computer knowledge. You should take any short course in computer because all Android apps and softwares are made on the computer itself. The biggest thing is. This is that to learn Android development, you have to learn some programming languages, for that you are very important to learn computer.

To become proficient in computer, you have some famous bachelor degree in computer which you can do.


To get good information in computer, you can do BCA. In BCA you are also taught coding which can be very helpful in becoming an Android developer.

Do computer course

If you do not want to do bca then you can do any course related to computer but you will have to take good knowledge about computer.

By the way, no degree is required to learn Android development, but you must have knowledge of computer.

Learn programming language

You need to learn programming languages ​​to become an Android developer. You cannot be an Android developer without learning a programming language.

So let's know which programming language is required to learn to become an Android developer.


learn java language

Java is the most important programming language to become an Android developer. Learning Java is very important for you to be a successful Android developer. Java can also be learned from anywhere. You can also buy online courses or you can free Java on youtube. Can learn

c & c ++

You can also learn c language and c ++. But it is not as important as learning the required Java language.

Html5 & css

To create web pages in Android applications, one needs to learn html and css language. So you can also learn html and css if you want.


xml language is also used in making Android apps. You should also learn xml language.

Learn android studio

If you have learned computer and computer language then the most important to make Android apps is to learn wo how to work on Android Studio.

Actually, all the Android apps that are made are made on Android Studio itself. Android Studio is a product of Google through which Android apps are made by coding. We can create new apps by coding programming languages ​​like Java, xml …… on Android Studio.

Summary: - Today we talked about how to become an android developer, so if you want to become an Android developer, then you can learn all these skills and become a good Android developer.