Friday 31 January 2020

Windows 7 Not Genuine Error-Fix This copy of Windows is not genuine

    Windows 7 Not Genuin Error-Fix This copy of Windows is not    genuine

Fix This copy of Windows 7 is not genuine.....By two easiest method

            Method 1 (windows 7)

1. Go to begin menu in windows Write CMD in search confine search result on CMD and select run as administrator 

3. In prompt write the subsequent

                       Slmgr –rearm 

so hit enter Windows script host seem Command completed with success please restart the system For the changes to require impact press ok Now once restart the system Go to begin menu in windows Right click on pc choose properties Look at windows activation you get massage 30 days to activate. Activate windows currently You succeed to induce one month you can do this for three times To get three months additional free at the top of every month After that you'll attempt one thing else and acquire 240 days additional That means 1+3+8 =12 month free windows seven 

             Method 2 (windows 7)

           Windows 7 Activator

 It is apparatuses for you to actuate your Microsoft Windows 7.It can assist you with activating Windows7 Enterprise, Windows7Professional,Windows 7 Ultimate , Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Download window 7 activator here


By these two method you can activated windows 7 genuine  in just a minute.